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What is Boudoir Photography

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Boudoir photography sounds scary to some, and mystifying to others. The word 'boudoir' originates from French and literally means 'a woman's bedroom or private room.'

But before we delve deeper, let's get one thing out of the way--Boudoir is not porn. Porn is about pleasing and satisfying the viewer, and is therefore centered on the needs, wants and desires of the viewer. On the other hand, boudoir is about satisfying and pleasing the subject, and therefore focuses on the feelings, needs, wants and desires of the subject. Ultimately, the goal of boudoir photography is to create enjoyment for the person being photographed.

The most common and easiest way I hear others explain boudoir photography is by calling it 'sexy photos'. Which, of course, they can be. But I find boudoir photography to be so much more than just sexy photos. Boudoir photography is an experience which aims to celebrate YOU. Your distinct curves, your distinct features, and your distinct assets. Boudoir photography is about celebrating your accomplishments and your body, and showing appreciation for these. It's a classy way to celebrate your sensuality, in whatever way that means to you.

I’m not here to define what 'sexy' means to you. Whether you feel sexy wearing a little black dress, an oversized sweater, lingerie, or your birthday suit, you do you. We will always go at your pace and comfort level.

Boudoir photography is about creating images of you looking fabulous, through a process that continues to empower you and boost your self-confidence. It's about showing you how others see you, from their perspective, without our own negative self-talk. It's also a constant reminder for those days when you're not feeling so great about yourself that you are, in fact, enough, that you are beautiful, confident, and sexy.

For many women boudoir photography is a life-changing experience--one that helps them step out of their comfort zone, helps them feel comfortable in their own skin, one they can easily re-live by looking at their boudoir album and other wall-art.

I believe every woman should experience a professional boudoir photoshoot--I've had women of all shapes and sizes cry in my studio in amazement while looking at their photos, and I've had women come back to me years after their session to tell me what a perspective-altering process it was, and how grateful they are for the experience.

Boudoir photography really is for every woman--who doesn't want to feel empowered, sexy and confident?

Ready for your own boudoir photoshoot? Reach out here.



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